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Lambs from the Calvinia- and surrounding district. Naturally raised on "Karoo bossies"

Lamb cutting details


"Tongklap lekker!"


Clean sheep head, tripe and 4 trotters
2kg Steak Mince(4x500gr)
1kg Hantam Boerewors(2x500gr)
1kg Beef strips/goulash(2x500gr)
8 Beef Burger Patties
2kg Steak Mince(4x500gr)
1kg Hantam Boerewors(2x500gr)
1kg Rump/Sirloin(4x250gr)
1kg Beef stirfry/goulash(2x500gr)
12 Texan Burgers
1kg Lamb chops (Best End/Chump/Shoulder)
3kg Steak Mince(6x500gr)
3kg Hantam Boerewors(6x500gr)
1kg Beef goulash/stirfry (2x500gr)
3kg Lamb Pack(Chops,Ribs,Stew)
2kg Rump Steak
24 Texan Burger

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We also stock a full range of other Lamb/Beef/Pork cuts. All prices are available upon request.

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